It is often hard to imagine that there was a time without the Internet and that denotes how much dependent we have become with the term of “being online”. This dependency becomes more evident when we have to look for apps that can work offline so that even within the little pockets of not being online due to Internet outage, connection troubles, or unavailability of WiFi for as little as fifteen minutes. Hopefully this article will let you know which are the best Chromebook and Chrome OS Apps for offline use.

We understand how frustrating it is specially while in the midst of work, so any professional app that runs offline is a great relief. Knowing the importance of offline accessibility of apps it can be well assumed that the tech giant Google will definitely have some tools to serve the purpose. The best one in our list is none other than Google Drive; the amazing free cloud service that allows to access all the work tools i.e. Google Docs, Spreadsheet and Presentation Slides even on an offline situation. This highly ensures zero awkward situation when the boss may have called for an urgent and you had been unfortunate enough to not have the internet right at that moment. To save from similar professional embarrassment there are also few other tools which won’t betray even if the Internet is not there for temporary reasons and these are Google Calendar and Google Keep that respectively allows to keep up with set schedules and reminder notes. But not every offline worthy apps are from Google only. is an app of the time that helps to create and edit beautiful business models and diagrams even when offline. Same can be said about Wunderlist, Postman and Webcam Toy; all third party apps but works well when offline on Chromebook and Chrome OS. Each of these apps are a wonderful medium of making to-do list, API file sharing and photo editing tool.

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