Given the current changing socio-economic scenario of our everyday life, we are hardly there to ensure kids enough time to spend under the sun rather from a young life we are making their world limited within the few inches display of a cell phone or tab. In these tiring times therefore, it is highly important to know which are the best Chromebook App for kids.

While looking for the perfect app for a kid, please keep in mind the age group for whom the app has been targeted. There are many interesting apps out there based on kid’s entertainment, educational materials and simple puzzle tools to boost a young mind’s curiosity and common sense. It’s best to check some apps that might be segregated for kids 6 – 10, 11 – 13 and 14+ kids for easy classification on content and suitability.

For the very young, Quento can be an amazing tool to tickle their little grey cells. This is a math app that works backwards where a kid will be given a number (the result) and required to find necessary pathway options on how to arrive at the expected result! Similarly another app with excellent fun features is the IXL – Math & English which will not only keep your kids engaged but also make them sharper. With the world getting competitive, having a knowledge of a second language can be very handy where Duolingo kids can be an awesome choice as a Chrome App. And for little older kids of 14+ page why not choose Pinterest as a challenging app that can inspire the kids on new crafts and science projects.

Intrigued to know more about kid’s apps and what might be best for them, check the 7 best Chromebook Apps for Kids published on Insider Monkey where you will get to know about some more cute and cool apps only for your kid’s mental growth.