Which are the best cities for LGBT Families?


Which are the best cities for LGBT Families? We can agree that the view on the LGBT population depends on a country or even city. There are places in the world that accept this population and there are places that are completely intolerant of these people. Even among the countries that accept the LGBT population, there are regions that take this matter differently. So, we can conclude that the acceptance of the LGBT is different from place to place. If you are a member of LGBT population and you want to start a family, you have to take into consideration that some cities will be more and some will be less friendly. Most of these families move to the cities that are known for their friendliness towards LGBT population.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration. Some countries are allowing LGBT population to join the military; some allow the population the right to change legal gender. As far as the cities go, it is important that they have gay-friendly restaurants, nightclubs, schools, that the adoption is allowed for LGBT couples, that the same-sex marriage is allowed etc. If you are planning to live in a city permanently, you have to see what you really want from a city and can it prove that to you.

This is a difficult task, so to make it easier to you, we suggest that you read the Insider Monkey’s article 10 Best Cities for LGBT Families, which can help you determine which city you want to live in. At the 10th position on this list is London, United Kingdom. The gay couples can adopt children, same-sex marriage is allowed, they have right to legally change gender which means that they can change it on their birth certificate, they can openly serve the military. To check out the rest of this list just, click on the link above.