Which are the best countries for a kidney transplant?


Which are the best countries for a kidney transplant? Kidney transplantation is a serious surgical procedure that can potentially save the lives of the patients. The kidneys are very important organs that perform a variety of functions, including processing and removal of waste products and drugs from the body, regulate the blood pressure by releasing hormones, produce vitamin D, and control the production of red blood cells. As you can see, this makes the kidneys a vital organ of the body.

If the kidneys begin to malfunction, then it is important to ensure that they are replaced. For this, a live donor is required whose blood and tissue types are a match with the patient. Only when both matches can the surgery be performed. This means that the underlying infrastructure and system must be sufficiently developed in order to make this operation a smooth process. Some countries do it better than others because they have managed to keep the waiting time to a minimum and have simplified their kidney donation procedures.

One of the best countries for getting a kidney transplant is India. The country has around 39 hospitals specializing in kidney transplant and the cost of getting this procedure done in India is around the US $ 10,000, which is quite inexpensive as compared to most other countries. The infrastructure for medical procedures is also well developed and medical tourism is a major industry in India and caters up to 65,000 foreigners every year.
Another country that has a good record with kidney transplants is the United Arab Emirates. The country generally has a high standard of healthcare and the cost of medical procedures is highly subsidized. Worthy of mention are the Kidney Stone Hospital and the International Modern Hospital, both located in Dubai. The UAE caters to 260,000 medical tourists each year.

Japan is a third country that has a large number of kidney transplant surgeries being performed each year. Like in everything else, the Japanese seek perfection in their medical profession, and this makes the Japanese system one of the best. The fact that medical expenses are subsidized by the government also makes it highly accessible to patients. If you are interested in knowing more about the best countries for a kidney transplant, you should check out the full list, where more options are provided. Take a look, it is useful to have knowledge about such things.