Which are the best countries with birthright citizenship?


Which are the best countries with birthright citizenship? In the modern era, with advanced means of transportation, it is easy to be mobile. That means that the migration of the people is very easy and that is why a lot of people today decide to immigrate into another country in search of better life conditions. This causes a lot of legal problems since immigrants often do not have a citizenship of the country they immigrate to. That automatically means that they do not have the same rights as the people who have the citizenship. There are three ways of gaining a citizenship of a country. The first way is by birth (Jus Soli) which means that you become a citizen of the country where you were born. The second way is by blood (Jus sanguinis) which means that you are the citizen of the countries your parents are citizens of or in other words you inherit citizenship of your parents. And the third way is a naturalization which means that you can become a citizen of the country if you fulfill certain conditions (for example by marriage or residence for a certain period of time).

In the past, a lot of countries based their citizenships on the place of birth, which is not the case today. Only a few countries in the North and South of the American countries and 5 countries in the other parts of the world (Lesotho, Tuvalu, Tanzania, Fiji and Pakistan) grant this kind of citizenship. Almost all of these countries are not exactly promised lands but you can single out a couple of them.

If you take life expectancy, GDP per capita, expenditure on education and health, you can single out some of the countries. We recommend that you visit the Insider Money’s site and read the article 12 Best Countries with Birthright Citizenship. For example, Mexico is at the 12th position with a life expectancy of 75.9 years, GDP per capita is $17,500, health expenditure is 6.3% of GDP and education expenditure is 5.2% of GDP. To check out the rest of the list, click on the link above.