Which are the best food documentaries on Amazon Prime?


Which are the best food documentaries on Amazon Prime? Food is an important part of every culture. The local food culture developed from what was available easily, cheaply, and abundantly for any community. This is why coastal regions are known for their seafood culture, while countries like Italy, Mexico, and India are known for their variety of vegetable preparations. It is all about working with what we have been given. But in the last hundred years or so, food technology has advanced immensely and we are able to consume products that don’t grow locally.

But this has also led to problems. When things come out of cans, we don’t really know what we are consuming. Preservatives and chemicals are used to keep the food fresh, but it is not good for health in the long run. Globally, some countries are wasting a lot of food, while others are facing a severe shortage. Some parts of the world are facing obesity problems, while others are facing malnutrition issues. Mass-produced low-quality food is being prepared and distributed at a cheaper price.

What’s worse is that many countries lack strict food guidelines. In these countries, you can never be sure of what you are eating. Apart from the chemicals, are you really eating what you think you are eating? For example, there have been reports that rat meat is sold as pork in China. With all these issues cropping up with our very basic human need, a lot of documentary makers are trying to spread awareness among the people and a lot of these documentaries are available on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is a globally available service and is managed by Amazon. It is one of the premier video streaming services after Netflix. It has an impressive number of films, TV shows, and documentaries. Some of the best food documentaries on Amazon Prime include That Sugar Film, Sriracha, and Deli Man. That Sugar Film is all about high consumption of sugar in the diet and how it affects the body. It also discusses the sugar being unwittingly consumed through processed food. Sriracha explores the origin of this Thai sauce and its popularity around the world. Deli Man shows the culture of delis in the US and how the food culture has changed over time. If you really want to know more about the food you consume, do check out our list! It is compiled with reference to Amazon Prime documentaries and rated according to Amazon.