Which are the best full-length documentaries to watch on YouTube for free?


Which are the best full-length documentaries to watch on YouTube for free? Documentaries have always been popular because they explore factual ideas and themes. Documentaries are meant to focus on a specific topic and the filmmakers dig deep into the topic so that they can bring you all the related information in one piece. A documentary can be on any subject, whether it be history, or medical, or war-related, or pertaining to social issues. You can choose to watch documentaries that cover the area of your interest.

If you don’t have a streaming subscription, no need to worry. There are good art documentaries available on YouTube, which are free to watch! YouTube is owned by Google, and the service remains free thanks to adverting. Last year, YouTube earned $5.6 billion through advertising revenue alone. There are often copyright issues with YouTube, but all said and done, good documentaries can be found with a bit of searching.

Great Wide Open, Jiu Jitsu vs. the World, and The Queen of Trees are some of the documentaries we have picked for our list. Great Wide Open is a documentary series about the National Parks in the United States. Each part of the series focuses on adventure seekers who explore these parks and delve deep into their mysteries and beauty. For more on nature documentaries, you could try The Queen of Trees, a documentary on how fig trees and fig wasps relate to each other. Both are essential for the existence of the other, and the documentary explores the interesting lives of fig wasps.

If you are into martial arts, then perhaps Jiu Jitsu vs. the World might be of interest to you. Jiu Jitsu is a Brazilian martial art technique that was formed out of Japanese judo techniques. The documentary explores the lives of Jiu Jutsu experts and how practicing the art has impacted their lives. If you want the best full-length documentaries to watch on YouTube for free, do check out our list. Artnet, Complex, and Huffington Post provided recommendations and then we checked them against their IMDb ratings, which was the ultimate classification criterion for us. Of course, this means that there might be some non-factual documentaries making it to our list, such as The Flip Side: A Truth That Could Not Reach You or Scientism Exposed. But don’t blame us, blame the reviewers! On our part, we have done our best to give you the best.