Which are the best history documentaries on Hulu?


Which are the best history documentaries on Hulu? Not many people enjoy history enough to delve deeply into it, but for those who do history, documentaries are a boon. With such documentaries, you can learn about all kinds of historical things without having to spend much time in reading and looking up things. Of course, at some point, you might want to move beyond it, but for history aficionados, history documentaries are fun! The thing about history is that though facts are indisputable, people can interpret it in different ways, depending on their own experiences and prejudices. Another thing is that governments often keep things out of school and college textbooks in order to keep their populations brainwashed and supporting their actions. This is why documentaries are so important.

The Second World War provides sufficient fodder for a lot of documentary filmmakers because of its extensive impact on the entire world. There are many facets of the war that could be explored and these filmmakers leave no stone unturned to go after the more obscure themes of this global war. Another reason that this topic is a hit with filmmakers is that the evidence and materials are still in good shape, though some of it is distorted by different governments. Similarly, history documentaries offer a wide scope whatever the subject of the film.
Hulu is a joint venture with Walt Disney Company, Comcast, and 21st Century Fox, and Time Warner now has a 10% stake in it. The video streaming service was launched in 2007 and offers a wide range of programs for its free and paid services. Like Netflix, Hulu also has original programs. Its choice of documentaries is popular and the music documentaries on Hulu are quite interesting.

Some interesting documentaries on Hulu are A Journey into the Holocaust, The Long Way Home, and My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering the Kindertransports. The first explores not just Holocaust but also other genocides in the past. The Long Way Home talks about the aftermath of the Second World War, while My Knees Were Jumping discusses the Jewish children sent to Britain before the war and were forever separated from their families.
The list also contains a number of other history documentaries. It is compiled with reference to Something To Stream, and the ranking has been done on the basis of the documentaries’ IMDb rating. If you really want to know more about history, do check out our list of the best history documentaries on Hulu!