Which are the best house names in the world?


Which are the best house names in the world? In some parts of the world, this concept of giving names to houses is not that popular like in America. In this country, when it comes to this, people have a desire to give “the final touch” to its houses and by that, we mean the name of a house. Also, this concept can be a very useful, if you are trying to sell your house. You can give a name, mark your house on social networks and give a location on google earth, so the potential buyer can get all information about house through the internet. If you add to that, private pictures taken in favorite spots in a house, it would be a great approach to the potential buyer, which would probably easily make a decision about buying a house.

So, giving the names to a house is not an easy thing but it should be fun. You would be surprised to see how people are creative when choosing a name for their houses. Many houses names that we will target in this article are very funny. Some of them are boring because if you want to give a name to a house on the beach, you shouldn’t use the word “see” in the name of a house. Instead of that, you should be creative and funny or give up from an idea of giving the name to your house.

Insider Monkey has published an article on this topic, called 15 Best House Names in the World. There are a lot of funny names like “My Aunt That Lives In The Middle Of Nowhere”, “FantaSea”, “Under The Broccoli Tree” or scary one like “Jason’s Cellar”. You should check this article on Insider Monkey and find out more details about these houses and many other. Maybe you will get an idea how to name yours.