Which are the best medical documentaries on Hulu?


Which are the best medical documentaries on Hulu? The medical field has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last couple of centuries. Immense breakthroughs have been made in the curing of diseases and one major disease, smallpox, has been completely eradicated from the world. A milestone in medical science was the discovery of penicillin, which saved millions of lives. The life expectancy has also risen to 71 years for the first time in history, and infant mortality has drastically reduced.

Medical science has also learned how to manage certain diseases better. It has increased the overall quality of our lives even if we suffer from medical problems. At the same time, access to medicine and medical breakthroughs are not widely available to everyone. Neither are medical facilities affordable to everyone globally. There are several documentaries that focus on different aspects of this field. Developments in medical science, diseases and how they spread, as well as problems with access to medicines, are often explored in these documentaries. Some of the best medical documentaries on Hulu are Sicko, How to Survive a Plague and Trinidad.

Sicko talks about pre-Obamacare days in the US when health care was unaffordable for all but the very wealthy. For a developed country with excellent medical infrastructure, America had one of the worst and most expensive and inaccessible healthcare systems in the world. The documentary compares the US system to non-profit healthcare systems in UK, Cuba, France, and Canada. How to Survive a Plague is a documentary that details the early days of AIDS in the 80s. How the disease spread like wildfire and how activists struggled against finding a way to prevent and cure the disease as well as the stigma surrounding it is the focus of this documentary. Trinidad is about Dr. Marci Bowers, a sex change surgeon who herself is a transgender and has had a sex change operation. The location is Colorado, which is considered the sex change capital of the United States. The documentary also gives viewers an insight into how transgender people can cope with the transition process.

The list also contains a number of other medical documentaries that you might want to check out. It is compiled with reference to Something To Stream, and the ranking has been done on the basis of the documentaries’ IMDb rating. Take a look at them!


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