Which are the best military documentaries like Restrepo on Hulu?


Which are the best military documentaries like Restrepo on Hulu? Though most people don’t like war, there are those who are interested deeply in war and military history and strategies. There is something about the military that can both repel and attract, sometimes at the same time. For example, Restrepo is a documentary about American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Now, you can deplore this unnecessary war, but it is not possible not to sympathize with the lives of the soldiers and the hard decisions they had to make every day.

This documentary was very popular because of the human interest element. These soldiers had to spend days without electricity and water in the broiling mountain sun. Their lives were under constant attack and they definitely must not have felt good about the war casualties they were causing. Each death, whether that of a friend or a foe, must have changed them. The footage for this film was around 150 hours, and the documentary was a critical success. A second part following up on the lives of these soldiers was released four years later and was called Korengal.

If this is the kind of thing you like, then you ought to consider documentaries like No Man Left Behind, Dirty Wars, and Secret Iraq: Clearing the Fog of War. American policymakers indulge in war all around the world, and these documentaries bring their actions to light. No Man Left Behind is a six-part documentary series made by National Geographic about soldiers who survived failed missions. It is an interesting look into the dilemmas faced by soldiers, irrespective of which country they are from! Dirty Wars is a look at the Afghan invasion by the US and the various misleading information that were spread and military wrongdoings that happened. This certainly is an excellent documentary to open the eyes of the public to government wrongdoing. Another recent war created by the US in Iraq, destabilizing the entire region, is the Iraq War. This is explored in the documentary Secret Iraq: Clearing the Fog of War. Some of the less well-known events are investigated and shown in this film. Certainly worth a watch! The list contains the best military documentaries like Restrepo on Hulu that you might want to check out. It is compiled with reference to Something To Stream, and the style of documentary has been considered when choosing them.