Which are the best music documentaries on Hulu?


Which are the best music documentaries on Hulu? Music is food for the soul, and for many people, it is their main method of relaxation. It doesn’t matter what genre of music you personally prefer, there will always be something you find appealing. But listening to music and knowing more about music and musicians are two different things. For this reason, watching music documentaries is a great way to understand the world of melodies that you love so much!

Music documentaries inform us about the lives of musical legends and about interesting musical phenomena that are not widely known. This is how we begin to understand music and relate it to our own listening experiences. And they happen to be quite popular as well. Just check out Hulu to see how many music documentaries it has! Hulu is a joint venture with Walt Disney Company, Comcast, and 21st Century Fox, and Time Warner now has a 10% stake in it. The video streaming service was launched in 2007 and offers a wide range of programs for its free and paid services. Like Netflix, Hulu also has original programs. Its choice of documentaries is popular and the music documentaries on Hulu are quite interesting.

Pink: Staying True, Music from the Big House, and Tupac Vs. are the three highest-ranking music documentaries available on Hulu. Pink: Staying True is the highest ranking music documentary on Hulu with an IMDb rating of 9.1, a rating almost impossible to achieve. It explores the life of Pink, her musical career, and footage from her concerts. Music from the Big House follows Rita Chiarelli’s life. The Canadian singer known for her blues music performed a concert in a maximum security prison. She took some of the inmates as band members and helped them channel their lives into something more positive. Tupac Vs., on the other hand, explores the life of Tupac, one of the greatest rappers in history. There are interesting interviews and exclusive footage.

The list also contains a number of other music documentaries. It is compiled with reference to Something To Stream, and the ranking has been done on the basis of the documentaries’ IMDb rating. If you really want to know more about your favorite musical legends, do check out our list of the best music documentaries on Hulu! Enjoy the soulful music and learn about it too!