Which are the best music documentaries on YouTube?


Which are the best music documentaries on YouTube? Music is food for the soul, and for many people, it is their main method of relaxation. It doesn’t matter what genre of music you personally prefer, there will always be something you find appealing. But listening to music and knowing more about music and musicians are two different things. For this reason, watching music documentaries is a great way to understand the world of melodies that you love so much!

Music documentaries inform us about the lives of musical legends and about interesting musical phenomena that are not widely known. This is how we begin to understand music and relate it to our own listening experiences. And they happen to be quite popular as well. Just check out YouTube to see how many music documentaries it has!
Even if you don’t have a streaming subscription, no need to worry. There are a large number of music documentaries on YouTube, and some of them are intensely popular. They are also free to watch! YouTube is owned by Google, and the service remains free thanks to adverting. It has 1.3 billion users and last year, YouTube earned $5.6 billion through advertising revenue alone. Good music documentaries can be found on YouTube with a bit of searching.

Some of the best music documentaries on YouTube include Marley, The Last Waltz, and Searching for Sugar Man. Marley explores the life and career of Bob Marley, who introduced reggae to the world and is one of the most popular and influential musicians ever. The Last Waltz is about the last concerts of the rock band, The Band. It features many different musicians like Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton. Searching for Sugar Man is an intriguing documentary about an American musician called Sixto Rodriguez, who was practically unknown in his home country. But he was insanely popular in South Africa and the documentary follows two fans who try to meet him. It all boils down to personal preferences, whichever documentary you like.

To get more recommendations for music documentaries, take a look at our list, which has been compiled with recommendations from Quora and Reddit. The ranking is done on the basis of the IMDb rankings of the documentaries. Documentaries focusing on live performances have been excluded from the list.