Which are the best NYC taxi alternatives?


Which are the best NYC taxi alternatives? Catching a taxi can be like an impossible mission in New York City or in any other multi-million cities in the world. Besides the waving hands to catch one, there is a question of payment. Taxis in the big city like New York are way overpriced and it doesn’t seem like you are getting the equal service for the amount of money you are paying. Most of the people living there, feel like they are giving fortune just to be transported from point A to the point B. But, you can’t get around in the big city without means of transportation. The option is to take the train but it takes longer and you kind of have to be trapped in a space with a big number of people which can consume a significant amount of time and energy.

Driving around in a yellow cab is the most interesting to the tourists since the driving in the New York taxi is a part of their New York experience, mostly because of the Robert De Niro and the Taxi Driver movie. So, because of the money and access to the taxi, people over time started to seek alternatives to make their city trips easier and cheaper. With the modern technology advancing every day, it is completely normal that it will be used to make this part of our lives easier. The Internet together with the smartphones has changed our lives and our ways of doing things to the core. There are a lot of ways of improving the business and some smart people have even invented new ways of transporting.

In order to avoid losing time on searching the alternatives to taxi, just read Insider Monkey’s article Uber, Lyft, Gett, Juno, Via: Best NYC Taxi Alternatives. At the 5th place on the list is Via which has standard fare of 5 dollars per ride but you are sharing it with other riders, so this might consume more of your time. The other bad thing is that it is only available in Manhattan below 125th Street at the certain hours, but it could be a great thing if you are living exactly in that part of NYC. The good thing is that it is the cheap way to get around the city. To find out the rest of this interesting list, just click on the link above.


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