Which are the best selling video games of all time? Gaming has grown into a crucial sector of an entertainment industry because it had around $75 billion revenue last year. This indicator shows that games are very popular among the population and it will be in future. Playing a game is a great why to release stress and relax from a daily routine. Some people consider that playing game is something bad but for the most people, games mean some kind of therapy. Today’s games are very smart and you can learn something from them actually. For example, building cities games, like SimCity edition, where you can learn how one city works, needs of citizens, political rules etc. On the other hands, there are destructive games, where all you need to do is shooting people during wars, being criminal, gangster or something else. But, some recent researches didn’t find any negative influences on young people while they are playing these because it is a great why of releasing negative energy. So, just let you kid play GTA or Call of Duty! Speaking about these games, we have to mention that exactly these games were very popular in the past and they make a lot of money for its authors.

But, which games are the best selling games of all time? Insider Monkey collected games which have sold the most copies and the games which have the highest number of downloads and made a list of 15 Best Selling Video Games of All Time. According to them, at the 15th spot on this list is Grand Theft Auto IV. Although this game had a lot of complaints from parents because of violence and sex content, the game is sold 25 million copies and earned $310 million. In this article, you will found more about the rest of games, so click the link above, keep reading and maybe tell us your favorite game in comments.