If you always want to capture the correct moment with your smartphone’s camera, you must have wondered which are the best smartphones with best zoom and zero shutter lag. Zooming is almost always quite important. You can be at the right place at the right time, but you may not always have the most optimum distance. So, to get that perfect frame is when zooming capacity becomes crucial. On the other side, even though most people do not notice shutter lag, it becomes important if you are planning on capturing moving objects. In the simplest of senses, shutter lag is the time gap between your shutter press and the actual photo capture. It is often disheartening for many aspiring photographers when they find out that they picked the right moment but the picture came out blurred because of a long shutter lag.

Companies always want to please their customers and many of them are working on reducing shutter lag to the minimum. But some of them have moved ahead of their competition with their recent launches. When we collect information on the different display and camera features of the smartphones of different brands and then compare between them, companies like Motorola, Samsung, LG, One Plus and Asus stand out. Most of them offer excellent digital zoom which is complemented by very high camera resolution. But Asus ZenFone Zoom comes out on top with its combination of zero shutter lag, 3x Optical zoom, 12x Digital zoom, dual color flash and 13 MP back camera.

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