Which Are The Best Smartphones With Infrared Blaster And Remote Control Functionality?


If you don’t want to spend one second more searching for your remote control, you have probably already wondered which are the best smartphones with infrared blaster and remote control functionality. Luckily you are in the right place.

A few years ago almost every phone had an infrared blaster because Bluetooth was a little bit more expensive it wasn’t very common like it is today. If you wanted to transfer something from one phone to another, you had to use infrared and the process was awfully slow one sudden move and you had to start all over again.

Today, infrared is making a comeback and because of their new features, you can use infrared to control your TV. If you have an infrared blaster on your smartphone, you probably also have an application for remote control as well. With an application like this, you can adjust the frequency of your smartphone to match the frequency of your TV and you can enjoy. With a smartphone like Panasonic P55 Novo and Lenovo Vibe X3 you won’t face another day reaching for your remote control to change the channel, or another second looking for it around the house.

Despite TV, you can also use the infrared blaster and the application for remote control on DVD players as well as stereos.

If you are interested and you want to expand your possibilities and use of the infrared blasters, you can check Insider Monkey’s list of 10 best smartphones with infrared blasters and remote control functionality to see which one will match your needs the most.