Which are the best smartphones with OLED displays?


Which are the best smartphones with OLED displays? For some people, the type of a screen on a smartphone is big deal, while for some other people that is not that important and for them, every phone screen reproduces the same quality of pictures and videos. Speaking about the quality of screens, maybe the big visible difference would be in resolution. So, you will see the difference between 720p and 1080p screens, because the second one term is full HD and your pictures and videos would be clearer and detailed on this one. But, some people go even further and pay attention to the type of screens. There are many types like TFT LCD, IPS LCD, OLED, Retina displays and many other.

OLED displays are made of pixels which create their own light. This is the main reason, which is this type of display is better than other ones because its technology produces a better contrast of pictures. Also, they have better color reproduction, wide viewing angles and they are extremely light which gives the manufactures a lot of space for creativity. Today, in mobile phones, the most common type of displays is AMOLED or even SUPER AMOLED displays which are advanced and improved versions of OLED displays. They have all characteristics of an OLED display, plus upgrades like a better response, better brightness and sharpness, better battery life etc.

We believe that you are interested to find out which are best smartphones that have OLED displays and we will answer your question through Insider Monkey’s article, called 6 Best Smartphones with OLED Displays. The 6th place on this list is One Plus 3, with the OLED display, resolution 1080×1920, 16MP camera, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a quad-core processor. If you want to find out the rest of devices, click on the link above and keep reading this article on Insider Monkey.