Which Are The Best Smartphones With Optical Zoom?


In this article, you can see which are the best smartphones with optical zoom and expand your knowledge about them. If you want to save your memories with a sharp camera you should definitely consider a smartphone with an optical zoom like Altek Leo or Nokia Lumia 1020. They not only will provide you with crystal clear photo, but it will also be very useful if you want to capture something far away from you.

There are two types of zoom, optical and digital, if you thought they are the same, or they give the same effect, you are wrong. Optical zoom is made with the retractable lens which is physically approaching the camera closer while the digital zoom is just focusing one object and it is increasing the pixel size. Why do you need to look for which are the best smartphones with optical zoom? Because what digital zoom does, you can achieve it with any kind of image processing software. You probably noticed that when you zoom something and try to shoot a photo with your phone, the image gets blurry and not to mention with very bad quality. Well, that is why optical zoom comes in handy. If you are walking, and you saw something you want to shoot quickly, optical zoom can help you make a great photo with great quality.

Now that you know the difference, check Insider Monkey’s list of 6 best smartphones with optical zoom before you decide which smartphone to buy.