Which are the best-sold bottles of wine?


Which are the best-sold bottles of wine? Wine is one of our favorite drinks and it has been for centuries. You can find wine in any part of our lives, it is involved in religious traditions, at social gatherings, at life’s biggest events like celebrating birth of a child, weddings, birthdays, graduation parties or any party actually. It is present in any cheerful event in life. But besides these occasions, people are enjoying wine on everyday basis, because it is relaxing and it is healthy.

There are many varieties of wine, but three main categories are red wine, white wine, and rose. As the name indicates, white wine is made from white grapes, a red wine from black grapes and rose is made from red grapes. No matter which wine do you like to drink, the scientists have proved that wine is actually very healthy, even though it contains alcohol. The health benefits from drinking wine are numerous like reducing the risk of depression and dementia, preventing colon and breast cancer, slowing down the aging and helping us to live longer, it heals sunburns and soothes the bad effects of UV lights, preventing blinding diseases etc. As you can see, drinking wine is actually good for our health and it helps us relax and reduce stress level. But, on the other hand, that does not mean that somebody should drink a gallon of wine a day. Drinking moderately is the key to having these wine benefits.

The Romans have believed that drinking wine every day is a necessity and it was available to anyone, the rich and the slaves. To learn a few facts more about wine and which are the best-sold bottles, read Insider Monkey’s article 10 Best Sold Bottles of Wine. At the 10th place on the list is Finca Bella Vista 2010, produced by Argentina’s winemaker company Achaval Ferrer. You can improve your health by drinking this wine by buying a bottle at the price of 91 dollars. To find out the rest of this list, just click on the link above.