Which are the best states for commercial and industrial designers?


Which are the best states for commercial and industrial designers? Design covers everything from fashion to architecture, from web development to machinery. Commercial and industrial design deals with the development and design of a large variety of manufactured products. Any good design has to include elements of style, innovativeness, and appeal, while its basic functional and utilitarian requirements also have to be met. This means that designers have a tough job in their hands balancing both requirements.

This is especially true when they have to keep learning new things and adapting themselves to technological advancements and market forces. Because of various factors, it is better for commercial and industrial designers to live and work in some states than others. These factors include the average annual salary in the state as well as the cost of living. The state with the highest salary and the lowest cost of living would be ideal. But in addition to this, to be considered are the market requirement for designers, whether or not the industries requiring designers exist in the state and the employment rate in the state.

For example, the best place in the US for designers is Michigan, where more than 6,000 designers work. There is a perfect correlation between high salary and low cost of living, making this an ideal place for them to work. Another example of a good place for industrial designers to work is Ohio, where currently around 1,300 designers are in employment. You can also choose Pennsylvania or New Jersey, both of which have a large number of designers in employment, respectively 870 and 1,040. All these states offer good salaries to their designers and have a reasonable living cost, offering a chance for designers to enjoy a good standard of life.

If you are seriously thinking of moving for a job, then do consult our list of the best states for commercial and industrial designers. It is a compilation of around 25 states and you will get all kinds of information about the cost of living, employment rate, and median annual wage. The numbers have been taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.
So what are you waiting for? Take a look at this list, select the state that would suit you the best, and move! Send off your résumés and in the meanwhile, pack your bags!


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