Which are the best states for psychologists?


Which are the best states for psychologists? The psychology profession has developed in leaps and bounds over the last century. We have learned a lot more about the workings of the mind and how to work with mental illnesses. Along with this, is the fact that medical research has provided us with a lot of new and effective therapies for dealing with such problems.

Psychologists are the people who evaluate, diagnose, and provide therapy for psychological and mental disorders. They provide coping mechanisms to their patients in order to help them live their daily lives. They can also work as researchers or in training. But first, you need to ask yourself what you are looking for from your psychologist career? Definitely, you want a good pay packet. That’s the main reason why we all work and not accepting it would be a downright lie. But a career is more than just earning money. It should provide you with fulfillment, job security, as well as a good work – life balance. Another aspect of taking up a job is the cost of living and the income potential in the state you plan to work in as a psychologist.

Another thing to consider when thinking of working in a certain state as a psychologist is a demand for such professionals in the state. The higher the demand and the lower the supply, the better your chances are of setting up a lucrative practice or getting a well-paid job. Just make sure that your salary should fit your lifestyle, and that the state has sufficient healthcare infrastructure to provide you with a steady stream of patients.

Alabama, South Dakota, and Michigan are great places for psychologists in the US. Alabama offers an average annual pay of $77,980, while South Dakota is slightly higher at $86,100. Michigan has a large number of psychologists – more than 2,000. The average annual salary is quite good too, at $73,810. To know more about the best states for psychologists, you can check out the entire list of 25 states. It will enable you to plan better when seeking a job. The list has been compiled with data from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The factors considered were cost of living index, the average annual salary or the average hourly pay, and the number of psychologists in the state.