Which are the best states for statisticians?


Which are the best states for statisticians? Statistics is a science that collects and groups data, and analyses the data into patterns that help us understand the raw data. For a statistician, data is of utmost importance and their help is required constantly to predict patterns in behavior in different sectors. Business, engineering, healthcare, etc. all require statistics in order to best optimize their logistics. It does not matter what the industry is because statisticians are employable across industries. Sometimes, they can also specialize in a certain industry. In short, there is immense scope for people hoping to make a career in statistics.

Statisticians need to be strong in mathematics and require a degree in statistics to be able to perform the job properly. They are paid quite well and the employment opportunities are pretty good too since all kinds of industries and companies require statisticians. But it is not enough to just talk about these things when discussing the best states for statisticians to live and work. You would also have to consider other factors such as the cost of living and the average salary. All this data is collated to compile a list of states where statisticians are most employable.

So let us see what the better places for statisticians are statistically! North Carolina, Delaware, and Michigan are three of the best states for statisticians. Let us talk a bit more about the top three states on our list. North Carolina is at the top of the list, where the annual average salary is almost around US$ 1,00,000. There are already 1,040 statisticians working in the state. Delaware has a living cost index of 102.6, but the pay is better than North Carolina. The employment opportunities also appear good since only 130 statisticians are currently employed in the state. As for Michigan, the average annual salary is approximately US$ 85,000, and there are 500 employees currently employed as statisticians.

There are also plenty other states on the list, which you can check out if you are interested in working in a statistics job. The list is compiled with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. The ranking is based on the states with the highest average salary and the lowest cost of living. Take a look at the complete list in order to know more so that you can take an informed decision.