Which are the best yoga YouTube channels?


Which are the best yoga YouTube channels? In the past decade, practicing yoga became very popular, not only among ordinary people but among famous celebrities (who contributed to the yoga popularity) and athletes. It is a great way to improve your overall stability, balance, strength and flexibility. Also, you can consider it a breathing exercise, because you are learning how to breathe properly in a way that releases stress and relaxes. The role of stress relief is the main reason for most that are practicing.

People often think less of yoga because it seems that is not an exercise but just stretching. They are wrong because practicing yoga is very demanding and difficult. If you ever tried to hold in one of the positions, you know. Yoga has very difficult positions, which even very fit people are afraid to try. Imagine if you are a beginner. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, but you would like to try it, most likely you would try it at home than train in a group with a yoga teacher. Youtube channel are the best way to start practicing yoga. Even if you have the experience in this, you should watch these useful channels to find out new positions and exercises.

Whether you are experienced or a beginner, but interested in yoga, you should try it. The best way is to find a Youtube channel that you like. To spear you hours of watching not so good channel in order to find a good one, we recommend that you check Insider Monkey’s article 7 Best Yoga YouTube Channels To Watch. At the 7th position is on the list is Yoga with Tim created in 2014 by Tim Senesi, who provides a 30-day program for beginners and the high-level exercises. The channels have 87,411 subscribers and 4,001,424 views. To check out the rest of this list, just click on the link above.