Which are the biggest tech acquisitions that may never be topped?


Which are the biggest tech acquisitions that may never be topped? If you have any knowledge of the business world, you know that mergers and acquisitions are pretty standard and everyday thing. Since the companies, especially in the field of technology, are increasing or decreasing their values in days, the changes are necessary in order to diversify business models, beat the competitors, expand their business coverage, or simply run for their lives if they are selling the falling business. There is no doubt that the market is full of companies whose management consists of very smart people, who are capable of estimating what is the best to do for their company at the certain point in its history.

These changes are very often between small and medium-sized companies, but even the big companies are not immune to this kind of changes who are getting involved in them for the same reasons as everybody else. In the history, there have been some tech acquisitions that were considered huge because of the value of the company and the market they are covering. You probably heard of some of them, but what are the acquisitions that were so big they probably will never be topped?

If you are interested in the technology field and you want to know a little bit more about this topic, which can be considered common knowledge, you should definitely read Insider Monkey’s article 5 Biggest Tech Acquisitions That May Never Be Topped. At the 5th place on the list is Facebook’s Acquisition of Instagram in 2012. Facebook Inc bought startup social network Instagram for one billion dollars. At that time, Instagram was run by two young people and had dozens of employees. Instagram was valued at $500 million at the time of the acquisition, and a couple of years later it will be worth near 20-times more. To find out the rest of this interesting list, just click on the link above.