Which are the cities with the highest demand for web designers?


Which are the cities with the highest demand for web designers? First thing first, we need to make a difference between terms web designer and web developer. Because people when talking about web designers often make this term equal to a web developer. A web designer is a person who creates the look of the web pages but on the other hand, web developers are adding functionalities to these sites. For example, YouTube. When you look at this site you will notice colors, text, links, logo and that stuff are made by web designers but the possibility of adding comments, playing and pausing videos on the site is coded by web developers.

So, salaries of web developers are higher than the salary of web designers because of more complexed work tasks but being a web designer is also very profitable occupation today. The national yearly salary for them is about $50,670. We can agree that is a very good salary for a living. If we look at this salary we can conclude that there are the highest demands for web designers. Web design is very important for today’s economies because employers are trying to find the ways to take their companies to the next level and make more profits.

But which cities have the highest demands for web designers? Actually, Insider Monkey has published an article about this called 11 Cities with the Highest Demand for Web Designers. We strongly recommend reading this article in order to find out the best city for you. At the 11 place on this list is Seattle, WA. Seattle is a great place for web designers because it offers 2.850 open jobs and the average yearly salary is about $60,230. This was the sneak peak of this list and if you want to see more, just click the link above and keep reading this article on Insider Monkey.