Which are the cities with the highest STD rates in America?


Which are the cities with the highest STD rates in America? Nowadays, there are medicines to both contain and cure STDs. Spreading awareness on the use of condoms to contain the spread of such diseases is now considered a key goal of those working with STDs. However, these do not always work, especially with various religious leaders and fanatics interfering in the medical goals of the country.

AIDS is one of the deadliest STDs the world has seen, and the fight against it has been intense. The disease is on a decline now but other diseases which have not been given the same attention are still rampant. These include chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, which are currently widespread in the US. These STDs are statistically more representative of the homosexual or bisexual population, probably since there have been traditionally fewer awareness programs targeting them in deference to the religious and traditional views. But all that is now changing.

At the top of our list are New Orleans and Metairie, which ranks number one for all three diseases. The city is a focal point for the spread of different STDs. With 742 cases of chlamydia and 234 cases of gonorrhoea, it is indeed a dangerous place to have casual sex! Next come Charlotte, Concord, and Gastonia. These cities have around 685 cases of chlamydia and 196 cases of gonorrhoea. They also account for 14 cases of syphilis. Memphis is also a dangerous city when it comes to STDs. The city has seen 770 cases of chlamydia and 234 cases of gonorrhoea.

To understand more about the cities with the highest STD rates in America, check out our comprehensive list. It was prepared with reference to the 2015 CDC STD Surveillance Report. The diseases considered were chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and syphilis, which are the most common STDs. The list was ranked by dividing the number of actual cases with the total population of the country to get the rate of disease. The rankings of all three diseases were considered for ranking the cities. All said and done, these diseases are curable and with the right programs, can be prevented. So hopefully, the US will be able to implement sexual health programs, especially for teenagers, and these diseases can be eradicated over time.