Which are the corporations who own 90% of the media news? Today, the most powerful tool to control the people’s minds are media. We bet that you saw an interesting picture on the Internet, with the weapon as a symbol of strength in the Second World War while at the present time this weapon is media. Having a control of media is the best recipe for politicians to ensure their positions. Although in some parts of the world, in totalitarian regimes, governments have measures like media censorship of information and controlling the flow of information, in democratic countries, there is a close friendship between corporations and media. Of course, this is not the same thing like in countries with totalitarian regimes but having control of media by corporations makes people who watch the news to think, why certain media force some people and organizations like political figures and political parties. Because most of the powerful corporations sponsor political campaigns of famous politicians so they can also control the mind of the people through TV news by prioritizing the news and forcing some events. In 2012, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson spent millions of dollars on donations to support Mitt Romney to be elected. Many of famous tycoons like, for example, George Soros have an impact not only on American politics but on governments around the globe. More money they have, there is a higher possibility to influence and rule some processes in the country and in the world.

Our colleges from Insider Monkey have researched which corporations have the most impact on people and they have published an article called 6 Corporations Who Own 90% Of The News Media. At the 6 place of this list is Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. This is American mass media company which owns Fox News, Fox Entertainment, all the properties of Fox Television and Fox’s subsidiaries. To see other corporations just click the link above and keep reading this article on Insider Monkey.