Which are the countries involved with genocide today and the last 100 years?


Which are the countries involved with genocide today and the last 100 years? Genocide has been a tactic worldwide to keep some populations down. Historically, genocides have taken place regularly but the last 100 years has seen a massive number of massacres and war around the world. Genocide means in literal terms the extermination of a group of people. The word comes from Greek, where no means race and side mean killing. The term was originally used first in 1943 by Rachel Lemkin, a Polish lawyer, who also developed the concept of genocide. Her work led to the inclusion of genocide in the Declaration of Human Rights Charter framed in 1948.

Genocide is more than just killing a group of people. The killing is the last stop, but prior to that, the powers in place try to strip off the dignity and hope from the lives of the people and tries to exterminate their culture and traditions. It induces fear in its victims and leads to long-lasting damages to the community. All this happens before the killings even take place, and once that happens, there is no going back. Dr. Gregory Stanton, an American researcher, has worked out the 10 stages of genocide. It starts with classification, separating a set of people from others, and ends with denial, which means that the larger community is kept brainwashed and clueless about the crimes of the authorities. A lot of countries have been involved in genocide in recent years and in the past. Genocides are even happening right now, and wars are compounding this problem.

Some of the most horrible genocides of this century have been in Congo, Myanmar, and the Central African Republic. Congo’s civil war started in 1996 and spread to all the neighboring countries in the sub-Saharan Africa. This war became known as the African World War. This was not the first time that Congo has faced genocide. Under the rule of Leopold II of Belgium, the Congolese were massacred in large numbers.

Myanmar is also involved in genocide. Human rights organizations claim that Myanmar is undergoing genocide, but the wider world is unaware of what exactly is happening. Another African civil war in the Central African Republic has also made it to the list. This war began in 2013 between the Christians and the Muslims. All this doesn’t mean that the countries themselves are fuelling this genocide. Often, outside powers also take a part. To know more about the countries involved with genocide today and the last 100 years, check out our list. Both well-known genocides and current genocides have been included in the list.