Which are the countries that have won the Eurovision the most?


Which are the countries that have won the Eurovision the most? Some European countries have come together in 1956 to start an annual music competition where every country can be a competitor and they get to send their representative to compete. The winner of the competition has to have it all, the powerful voice and has to know how to dance. As the years went by, every year the number of the contestants has grown and now we have the countries that are not even the part of the European continent, for example, Australia. Besides the number of countries participating, the Eurovision has improved every part of it and it has more and more fans from everywhere in the world.

Every country is trying to have the best competitor, with an unusual and unique performance that will bring them victory, but in that attempt, in the most cases, it ends in disaster. This happens when they push it to the limits and they cross the line, especially if you consider that not only that the jury is voting, but also the viewers are voting, so it is very difficult to satisfy everybody’s taste. But it seems that some countries have a sixth sense for this, since there are countries that won the competition multiple times, and some have not made it even once.

If you are interested in the statistics of the Eurovision (and you are, since you are at the end of this article), you should check out the Insider Monkey’s article where they did the research and made the list of 15 Countries That Have Won Eurovision The Most. The last place on this list belongs to Switzerland with two victories in this competition. If you want to find out the other countries that made to the list and which country has the most wins, check out the Insider Monkey’s article.