Which are the countries that will benefit from Brexit? If you are alive and conscious, you have heard about Brexit. The shock that the entire world felt after the results of UK’s referendum in 2016 was just the beginning. The consequences occurred immediately, after the referendum. Mostly, they affected the families with lower income and the big number of them is trying hard not to fall under the poverty line. Not only the poor felt the negative consequences, the Brexit affected the rich, too, as the almost half a million people lost their millionaire status due to drop in the value of the British Pound.

But it seems it is not over yet since the leaving doesn’t begin with the vote results and UK’s PM Theresa May has announced her intention to invoke the article 50 by may 2017. But Supreme Court ruled that the government must put it to a vote before proceeding. It will be interesting for the whole world to watch the outcome of this situation, especially considering the fact that the British Pound rose by 1% right after the Court announced the decision.

As it is expected, since the British economy and market are large, the other countries are closely monitoring the situation and trying to get what is best for them out of it. Our colleagues from Insider Monkey did the research about 11 countries that will benefit most from the Brexit. From 11th to 9th position are the Gulf countries, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar, but most of them, United Arab Emirates because of country’s liberal stance on general welcoming foreign experts if the British government adopts strict immigration measures. For the rest of this Insider Monkey’s list, you should check out this 11 Countries That Will Benefit from Brexit article and find out what country will profit the most.