Which are the countries with the highest STD rates in the developed world?


Which are the countries with the highest STD rates in the developed world? Though we generally think of developing and poor countries when it comes to STD, even developed countries are not yet rid of this scourge. Indeed, the problem is more pronounced in poor countries due to lack of awareness programs, medical infrastructure, and healthcare facilities, but this problem exists worldwide to some extent.

Nowadays, there are medicines to both contain and cure STDs. Spreading awareness on the use of condoms to contain the spread of such diseases is now considered a key goal of those working with STDs. However, these do not always work, especially with various religious leaders interfering in the medical goals of the country. AIDS is one of the deadliest STDs the world has seen, and the fight against it worldwide has been intense. The disease is on a decline globally but other diseases which have not been given the same attention are still rampant, even in developed countries. These STDs are statistically more representative of the homosexual or bisexual population, probably since there have been traditionally fewer awareness programs targeting them in deference to the religious and traditional views. But all that is now changing.

The United States of America, Australia, and Singapore are three of the countries with the highest STD rates in the developed world. The US tops the list. It is a huge country to regulate and the religious right-wing is particularly active there. Australia is another huge country with the same problems. As for Singapore, the country delayed a lot in taking the steps to spread awareness when compared to other countries. But it also has a law that makes it obligatory to report the results of an STD test.

This list is based on the top 40 countries on the human development index. Since most of these countries were located in Europe, the Europe Surveillance Report was used for the compilation, while other countries were considered separately. The diseases considered were chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, which are the most common STDs. The list was ranked by dividing the number of actual cases with the total population of the country to get the rate of disease. All said and done, these diseases are curable and with the right programs, can be prevented. So with all the infrastructure that a developed country has, these diseases can be eradicated over time.