Which are the creepiest spokesmen ever?


Which are the creepiest spokesmen ever? Marketing is a very tricky thing because there is a thin line between good marketing that will sell your product and the bad one that will chase your potential customers away. There is a justified reason why companies hire marketing agencies and pay them big bucks. Marketing wizards know markets very well and also know customers very well, know how to approach them, present them what they need, convince them to buy a product they need.

Making one bad commercial usually don’t make significant damage to the company, but there is something that can cause more damage than expected. That is the case when a company hires a spokesman that chases customers away. When hiring a spokesman, a company usually has a targeted customer group, the one that will bring them more profit. But choosing a spokesman is a very serious task because he/she will appear not only in one commercial but in almost every commercial, leaflet and menu list. Some companies made bad choices regarding spokesman.

If you want to find out a little bit more about this topic, you can do that by reading Insider Monkey’s article The 5 Creepiest Spokesmen Ever: What Were These Companies Thinking? At the 5th place on the list is The Burger King’s creepy mascot. Burger King is a fast-food chain, which had animated king called The Burger King for a mascot. The mascot has changed over the years from a child to a Tudor-era-styled red-bearded man in 1980’s. Imagine this kind of mascot with a plastic non-moving face, laying in your bed when you wake up. Does that make you think of eating a tasty burger? To find out how the rest of the list looks like, and to see the creepy commercials, just click on the link above.