Which are the easiest and hardest concentrations at Harvard? No matter in what country in the world you live in, you must have heard about the best United States College-the Harvard. And many celebrities have studied this college or at least attended a couple of semesters. If you are not into this academic life, there is a chance that knowing about Harvard came to you by watching movies. In Hollywood, in almost any film that involves college life, there is at least one mention of this prestigious college. Besides of that, any future student would like to study a college that gave so many intellectuals who ended up in the very important state jobs.

Every potential student wants to enroll a college in which they will achieve the best knowledge in the area they are most interested in and that is why it is important for them to do the thorough research. This is a critical time in a person’s life. If you choose the right subjects, you can end up as a successful graduate with a job you really like to do and you are good at. Or if you choose poorly, you can end up giving up on college and on the lower level of education and at the end with bad jobs. So, it is necessary to be realistic about your possibilities and about your wishes.

This topic has been an interesting for future students, so if you are one, we suggest that you read Insider Monkey’s article 10 Easiest and Hardest Concentrations at Harvard, so you can gather the information and make the important decision more easily. We can differentiate the hardest and the easiest concentrations. Out of the 5 hardest are Social Studies where the first course has an assignment with over 300 pages reading a week. When you add to that that you actually have to read Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud or Friedrich Nietzsche, you can imagine what kind of voyage is it. On the other hand, out of the 5 easiest are Visual and Environmental Studies 71: Silent Cinema. These classes include watching movies and talking about them with some paper from time to time. Who would not like to go to college and watch movies like those with comedy legends like Charlie Chaplin? To find out the rest of the hardest and the easiest concentrations on Harvard, just click on the link above.