Nowadays some people don’t go out on the street without a gun, but have you ever thought about which are the easiest countries to buy a gun in the world? There is more than one gun for every citizen in the country with a population of nearly 320 million. Of course, the US isn’t the only state with all guns out approach.

Gun laws and policy vary considerably around the world. Most countries have a restrictive firearm guiding policy, with only a few legislations being categorized as permissive. Laws are different from one country to another. But which are the easiest countries to buy a gun in the world? One of them is Honduras. Despite the lax laws right now, the country’s stance is becoming anti-guns as the time passes. This is mainly because violence is high in the country, which has resulted in the people demanding stricter gun laws. Another one is Pakistan. The rules governing the owning of arms are almost nonexistent. They do require a license, assuming you are a citizen of Pakistan, but the license is very easy to obtain after the payment of fees and a stipulated waiting time. European country, Chech Republic, is one of the countries where is very easy to buy a gun. While the country has current gun laws, they are not extremely restrictive, as evidenced by the fact that the third most popular sport in the country is shooting. In nearly every country in the world, if you want to bring the guns you currently own with you, you’ll be required to have a special permit granting weapon importation. Otherwise, you’ll be faced with a fine or even some jail time. If you go in some country that it new to you and you decide to buy a gun for the protection, you will be obligated to consider laws in that country about gun permission, because laws in some countries are very rigorous.

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