Which are the easiest fields of law to practice? It takes a lot of effort, time and will to finish law school. After law school, fresh law worker is usually going through legal practice for a while and then they pass the bar exam. So, you are a lawyer, who passed the bar exam with no job experience and you are looking for your very first job. What do you do? What are the cases that you should take? Younger lawyers are trying to find one field of law that will give them much-needed experience for further improvement. They are trying to find an easy field that will give them the experience but without any big responsibilities. This is the natural order of jobs because imagine an inexperienced lawyer working alone on the big case. That is the road to losing the case which can damage their budget but also damage the reputation between the clients and between their colleagues. So, small cases that demand not or very little experience with less responsibility is the way to go.

Of course, the easy law field is guaranteed less money to make. Younger lawyers are fully aware that they will make way less money than their experienced colleagues, but that should not discourage them because practicing an easy law field is the road to the demanding ones which are more profitable. It is better to move step by step easily, gaining the reputation which will bring you to the bigger cases and more money. So, new lawyers, hold tight, pick an easy field and slowly progress. On the other hand, there are fields of law that do not demand a law school degree, which is great for the people who love the law but do not want or are not able to finish law school.

New lawyers and the other workers who want to try the law field, check out the list made by Insider Monkey, 6 Easiest Fields of Law to Practice and find out in which field you can improve your career. At the 6th place on the list is the field of Intellectual property law which does not require previous experience but it is good to have some knowledge of the subject. This field is pretty easy because protecting the invention of a writer, composer or any other artists. But initiating and leading a lawsuit is a little more difficult, but lawyers are overcoming that obstacle.