Which are the fastest US Air Force fighter planes?


Which are the fastest US Air Force fighter planes? Like many other countries, the US also invests heavily on the military instead of improving the lives of the people. Fighter planes were first used in warfare in the Second World War, and since then have become a requirement for any air force. The US air force is one of the best-equipped ones in the world, and with all the wars they start, they have to be!

Using an aircraft in battle is very useful. Not only can the pilot maneuver their way around, it fulfilled multiple functions simultaneously. It becomes much easier to both escapes from the enemy as well as use artillery on them from a plane. The 20th century saw the development of fighter plane technology on a large scale. German fighter plane, Me-209 set the record for speed in 1939, which could not be beaten for 30 years.

Nowadays, fighter planes don’t focus on speed and flexibility, but on stealth. The use of BVR artillery has made this a priority. We have compiled a list of fighter planes used by the US air force on a regular basis. Not all are in current usage though. The aviation history of the air force planes was considered when preparing this list. When thinking of US fighter planes, the F-15E Strike Eagle comes first to mind. It has new types of engines that provide good speed, avionics, and a radar device that lets the pilot fly at a low level. This plane was developed from the technology of the F-15C Eagle, first commissioned in 1972, and is no longer in service. The F-14D Tomcat is another plane that is now retired but saw active service for many decades. The F-22A Raptor, on the other hand, is still in active service and is one of the most expensive planes. The plane is currently under an export ban and is only available to the American military.

Irrespective of what records they broke, our list of the fastest US Air Force fighter planes is a masterpiece of technological advancement in warfare. It should be of interest to history buffs as well as to those interested in military and technology. So just take a look and wonder at the speed these aircraft can achieve!