Which are the fictional characters easiest to dress up as?


Which are the fictional characters easiest to dress up as? Although some people find it boring, but dressing up for costume parties can be really fun. After all years and years of going to these parties, you, kind of, run out of ideas. At the time of the year, around Halloween, everybody is talking about their costume and what would be best to dress up as. Most people don’t like these parties so much and they go with the most simple and easiest costumes. But real fans of these types of events put a lot of effort for designing and wearing these costumes and they really enjoy doing this.

For some cosplay costumes you don’t need much money, but for some, you need a lot of requisites. But the money shouldn’t be a factor; it’s the idea that counts and the will to put everything together. You can always copy something you have seen, but we think that you should give it your touch and personalize. You can always do something different, like for example, if you dress up as a wolverine, you can take his unique features, like the beard, the hair and the blades, but you can add some badass boots, jackets and maybe an additional fake weapon. Whatever you choose, the only important thing is to have fun, which is, of course, the main purpose of dressing up costumes.

Among all the little princesses and cartoon characters, movie characters, athletes…it is hard to choose. So, the Insider Monkey did the research and published an article about 10 Easiest Fictional Characters to Dress Up As. The 10th place on the list is Jay and Silent Bob, which is a great idea for two friends to dress up together. Click on the link above to find out the rest fictional characters to dress up as.