Which are the healthiest, least harmful cigarettes? As most of you know, smoking cigarettes is one of the most dangerous habits, because it causes a lot of diseases of which the most dangerous is cancer. Among the bad influence mainly on our lungs and rest of the respiratory organs, it also affects the heart, brain, cardiovascular system, it decreases our capacity of doing any kind of sport or recreation etc. The negative sides to smoking are endless, but still, people can’t or just don’t want to quit smoking even though they know it is slowly killing them. This is why people need to know what kind of cigarettes they can use to at least lessen the negative effects of smoking and maybe feel less guilty for smoking.

Of course, there are no healthy, harmless cigarettes. Any cigarettes contain carcinogens and toxicants which are very dangerous and damaging, but there are some cigarettes that contain less cancerous substances like nicotine or tar. In order that cigarettes have that unique flavored taste, manufacturers put a lot of additives and it is the countless additives in cigarettes that are killing us, not the tobacco itself. And don’t be fooled by the light or mild cigarettes, because the studies have shown that they are as harmful as the regular cigarettes. If you are a smoker, you have to be aware that cigarette manufacturers are on the market for years and they know all the tricks to keep you as their consumer.

So, we will ask you to consider quitting cigarettes, but if you still can’t do it, you should find the cigarettes that will keep you alive longer and less sick. We suggest that you read this article made by Insider Monkey, called 5 Healthiest, Least Harmful Cigarettes with the Least Chemicals in order to find a little bit more about this topic. At the 5th position are Cigarettes with the Lowest Level of Nicotine and there are 4 left on this list and you should click on the link above to find out more.