Which are the heroic rescue stories throughout history like Cedric Herrou?


Which are the heroic rescue stories throughout history like Cedric Herrou? In the past, the stories were told by other people or they were read in the newspapers and after the discovery of the TV, we gathered information from the TV. In the modern era, we have the internet which provides us a handful of information, some useful, some garbage. When you have that much information, it is hard to choose the quality ones and over the time we became a little bit insensitive because we are overwhelmed with stories every day. However, there are some stories that get to us and shake us more than others. One of them is the story about Cedric Herrou.

Cedric Herrou is a 37-year-old Frenchmen who is an olive farmer in secluded valley in France close to the border of Italy. He is on trial with couple of other men accused of helping and guiding the immigrants from Eritrea and Sudan who run away from war and persecution. It did not get approved by the public in France since the 60% of French people believe immigration is having bad effects on their country. Cedric Herrou (and many others who are supporting him and what he had done) do not agree as he declared that “It’s not right. There are children who are not safe. It is enraging to see children, at 2 in the morning, completely dehydrated.” The public seems to forget that it is not their fault and that it is natural for the immigrants to seek a better life, because, a war can happen in any country and countries have to show solidarity and compassion for the innocent people.

Cedric Herrou is not the lonely case since there are a lot of other heroic stories. If you are interested in which were the ones that were most heroic, we suggest that you read Insider Monkey’s article 8 Heroic Rescue Stories Throughout History Like Cedric Herrou. At the 8th place on the list is Doc Hendley, the founder and president of the charity Wine to Water which is providing clean drinking water in the countries that are in need of it. He raised donations and installed systems in over 18 countries helping over 300,000 people. To find out the rest of this list, just click on the link above.