Which Are The Highest Paying Countries for Accountants? Accounting is one of those occupations which bring to you a lot of opportunities and possibility for constant progress. When we are thinking about accountants, we often tend to prejudice and picture them as boring, uncreative, rule-obsessed individuals who prefer to sit in small offices and do paperwork. Maybe some of them are actually boring but, the truth is, if you want to be a good accountant, you must have the skills which average man doesn’t have. Firstly, basic mathematic skills. This is must because every accountant has to work with a lot of numbers. Secondly, analytic skills, problem-solving and investigative skills. And for the end, every accountant must have also communication skills in order to be able to lead a team of people. Those skills that we mentioned above reflect a good accountant.

Accountants are essential for every organization, wherever it is private, public or nonprofit organization. Without their financial reporting, every organization would risk possible insolvency. So, having an accountant in a certain organization is required, because a management has to enable normal functioning of the financial sector. There are a lot of possibilities for accountants on a job market. They can work for Governments institutions, large and small business, non-governmental organizations and they can even work for individuals because today every person have to manage its budget.

Working conditions for accountants are different from country to country. Being accountant in one country is paid very well, while in another country is not. So, finding a proper country to work as an accountant is a very complicated task. According to Insider Monkey, Luxemburg with the average yearly salary of $59-70k stands at 7th place, but if you want to read the rest of the content, we suggest to check out 7 Highest Paying Countries for Accountants article.