Which are the highest-paying countries for expats? An expatriate or an expat is, as the name says, a person that is living outside his native country, or the country whose citizenship he has. You can only imagine how tough is to be an expatriate, especially if you had no choice besides becoming one. Living in a foreign country can be really hard because in many cases, people barely speak the language, they are unfamiliar with its culture, laws, customs, and the mentality of the residents. At the same time, you are away from your family and friends and might not see them for a while. All this is hard, but combine this with a new job and new job environment, you can imagine how difficult it is to fit in. We can exclude those who are looking for some fun times and trying the new things because people are mostly going to other countries to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

In the modern times, people’s mobility has improved because of developed transportation infrastructure, which has provided easier movement between places. This resulted in the situation where more and more people are moving to other countries in a search of a better life. Some people even switch between several countries, before they find the one that’s right for them. The main criteria for people who are planning to move is the payment and how much actually they can earn in the other country.

If you are planning on making this big move, or you are just curious about the topic, we suggest that you read Insider Monkey’s article 21 Highest-Paying Countries for Expats. At the last, 21st place on the list is Germany, as one of the European strongest economies. Germany has expatriate package cost of total $199,392. To check out the rest of this list, just click on the link above.