Which Are The Highest Paying Countries For Lawyers?


If you are a lawyer who is searching to find out which are the highest paying countries for lawyers, you are in the right place. Even though France and Ireland are one of the best for you, there are many more to consider.

Through the years lawyers have been suffering from much-maligned reputation when the general consensus being that for lawyers would do anything for money, even violate their ethics. There is a general belief that lawyers are egomaniacs who have very high opinion of themselves and consider them to be above everyone.

But anyhow, this kind of beliefs are just myths because any legal lawsuit can be exhausting both emotionally and financially. Every lawsuit has a winner and a looser, and the lawyers are those who need to see the ugly side of the world more than other professionals. This results with cynism which is often reflected in their personalities. It is required a certain level of detachment in order to see the things objective.

Lawyers can choose to pursue their career in different fields such as private practice, defense lawyers, prosecutors and corporate lawyers among other. Also, they can specialize in many areas like contracts, torts or patents.

Insider Monkey created the list of 10 highest-paying countries for lawyers for you to choose from. They based their research on global salaries and because there are different fields for lawyers, they also considered the same or similar jobs in each country. They converted the currency in US dollars and calculated the average wage which formed their list. If you are still searching to see which are the highest paying countries for lawyers, check Insider Monkey’s list.