The whole US health insurance industry is the leading insurance industry on the global level, with more than 86% of the population stated as the users of any kind of insurance policies. While some of the users are insured by their employers, the other ones are receiving health coverage through public health insurance program. But, no matter the type of the health insurance they use, they are all covered for any type of medical emergency. And which are the leading health insurance companies?

According to American Medical Insurance, the largest insurer controls about 30% of the health insurance market. And how did they get so much popularity? While the medical expenses were increased in every area due to the increasing need of procedures, many people were unable to receive some medical help because of their financial situation. The worse thing about this is that most of these procedures weren’t something that would save someone’s life. On the contrary, most of them were plastic surgeries that were supposed to help some people feel younger and prettier. But because of that, the price for more relevant surgeries became that expensive that almost the half of the people who were in need for some medical help was unable to afford it. This is why health insurance companies gain the advantage over other industries. But they weren’t the only one that got some advantage. Did you ever wonder why so many employers are eager to give their employees the decent insurance policies? It is estimated that 60% of the health insurance policy users receive private health insurance through employers. Not because their employers were worried about them, but because they contribute about 85% of the insurance premium for their employees.

This is how both employers and health insurance companies make money on you. But if you would rather spend some money out of your pocket, instead of giving your money to someone else that will take almost all the money you should receive, check out some of the 10 largest health insurance companies in America.