While the corruption epidemic is widely spread in every country, especially the African countries, there are some countries that have strongly fought against this system and actually won a battle. Of course, not completely as every country gives the authority the more power than it deserves, which is usually mirrored through the money, but if you are interested, we would like to show you the least corrupted countries in Africa and what the victory against the corrupted system had brought to them.

The corrupted system in Africa is so highly developed, that even 5 African countries made their way on the list of 11 most corrupted countries in the world in 2015. Those were Libya, with the corruption percentage index 16, Angola and South Sudan 15, Sudan 12, and Afghanistan 11.

The African system works mostly in the bribe direction, where the higher percentage of the residents’ money goes in Law-and-Order-people’s pockets than the household by itself. In Africa, you don’t even have to be guilty for some act in order to be charged for a big amount of money. You just need to be a resident working neither in court, nor in the government, nor in the police. But if you are charged that much for not doing anything, imagine how high the prices are if you are a real delinquent. No matter whether you are driving and stopped by policemen, or you are looking for a building permission, in Africa, you need to pay off the officials. 22% of African residents admitted to paying the bribe to the officials, but this number goes for all 54 countries. But if you are looking for specific countries, we would like to see the look on your faces when you read that this number is 3 times higher in Liberia, or to be more specific, 69%. However, some countries, like Cape Verde, are the real proofs that, with political and economic stability can help the country in the fight against the corruption. According to the worldwide rank, Cape Verde is placed 61st as the least corrupted country in the world. And would you like to know which country took the first place? Believe it or not, the African country. If you are looking forward to finding out more, check all 10 least corrupt countries in Africa.