Which are the longest applauses of all time?


Which are the longest applauses of all time?  We do not pay a lot of attention to the things we do every day. One of those things is certainly an applause. We use it almost every day for different occasions, but don’t know exactly its meaning in the different parts of the world. Usually, it means a socially acceptable way of showing approval, affirmation and admiration. But, there is, for example, something called “golf clap” and it is very quiet in order to not disturb the golfers or the minute’s applause in Great Britain has the same meaning as the minute of silence to pay a respect to a recently deceased.

Apart from the clapping along to the Lady Gaga’s song “Applause” or when you are supporting and cheering your favorite volleyball team, people are not clapping their hands only when they want to show how much they enjoy the show, but they clap because it is contagious or just to go with the flow. But, an applause or stopping one can be dangerous. There is a story of a man who ended up in jail for stopping the applause at a 1937 conference of the Communist Party of Soviet Union. It was an applause in honor of Joseph Stalin, and when it started nobody had the courage to stop it, so the man, the director of a paper factory found strength and ended an 11-minute long applause and went to jail for it.

But this was not the longest applause in the history. There have been applauses that lasted longer. Insider Monkey has made a list of 6 Longest Applauses of All Time. At the 6th position is Charlie Chaplin – Hollywood Revisited, which applause lasted for 12 minutes. To check out the rest of the longest applauses ever, click on the link above and you will not believe how long lasted the applause that holds the 1st position.