Which are the medical specialties that make the most money?


Which are the medical specialties that make the most money? Doctors, even the ordinary GPs make money. We already know that the medical profession can make you rich. It is only fair considering how much money, time, and effort doctors invest during their training, and how hard they work in their professions. Almost all doctors are well-to-do, even the poorest of them. And so they should be. After all, they can save lives! But there are certain specialties that can enable to doctor to earn more than others. Of course, for most doctors, it’s not about the money, but about the interest in practicing their profession. But if you can combine both and become rich in the process, why not do so? It’s a great way to enjoy your work while earning money, while at the same time-saving lives!

One of the top earners for the medical profession is the neurosurgery specialty. Neurosurgeons deal with surgeries of the brain, spinal cord, and the nervous system. They need an immense amount of experience and knowledge, as well as the deftness of hand since even a small slip can damage a human being forever. The average annual salary of a neurosurgeon is around the US $ 609,639. However, this requires ten years more of study. Orthopedic surgeons also make quite a packet with an average annual salary of US $ 535,668. Doctors specializing in orthopedics work with the musculoskeletal system, that is, the bones, muscles, skin, tendons, joints, etc. They perform surgeries as well as provide therapy and help patients use corrective devices for defects or injuries.

Another specialty that is quite lucrative is urology. This branch of medicine allows doctors to work with the urinary system. They perform surgeries in the urinary tract and can also deal with problems in the reproductive tract for men. The annual average salary of a urologist is around US$ 461.000. So if you want to choose a lucrative medical specialty, then you should check out this entire list of the medical specialties that make the most money. For the purpose of creating this list, the sources listed by The Atlantic and Forbes were used and the annual earnings of each specialty were analyzed. Of course, this list is only about specialties. There are many sub-specialties and frankly, micro-specialisations as well, which have not been considered. Take a look at this list for more information.