Which are the most annoying and hated musical instruments in the world?


Listening to music is supposedly a feel to the likes of being in heaven but bad music can ruin it all. If you don’t believe it then read on to know which are the most annoying and hated musical instruments in the world that can make invisible scratches on your mind!

Some of the listed instruments are those that we have been forced to learn at school whether we liked playing them or not and some maybe on the list just because they are simply annoying or only a handful of musicians on mother earth can really play them well. Be it hard or be it not that’s not the question, as it all boils down to which instruments creates the most annoying sounds. However interestingly for some factors still unknown most of these musical tools are wind tools but possibly these breath powered instruments are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you know clarinets, flutes and bagpipes they can be super mellow melodic to rambunctious torture. Then there are the mighty saxophone which might be romantic on a quiet dinner night at the corner but handing the saxophone to some untrained hands is enough to create havoc in the neighborhood. Similar results can be followed in case of trumpets too, good thing that they are limited mostly for very public events. Talking about flute and flute like instruments who can forget the infamous vuvuzelas from South Africa that came into limelight during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Nowadays … even sporting events are barred from carrying this instruments as it’s 127 decibel noise is enough to create permanent damage to your hearing buds.

As if the above were not enough there are some instruments like the recorder, kazoo and triangles which may not be even given the title of a proper instrument but capable to make you cringe. So, in case you are looking up to take an instrument as hobby and want to avoid people running out of the room then head to Insider Monkey’s 10 Most Annoying and Hated Musical Instruments in the World to know more.