Which are the most annoying YouTube videos ever?


Which are the most annoying YouTube videos ever? Because it is a space where all people can make videos about yourself, make a song or make short movies YouTube, in some cases, can be a place for anti-talents. This freedom of sharing videos on the internet is actually a good thing for people who have something to say or talent to show the world. On the other hand, there are people who use this way of communication just for self-marketing and making any kind of content. For example, people who want to be singers and they don’t have a voice to do that or media behavior skills.

For some people, watching these videos are annoying, while others feel uncomfortable. And the most annoying thing is that these videos always find their way to you because YouTube has a very strange algorithm which ranks most viewed videos on the top. Because of that, while you are watching some smart and interesting videos, in the side related bar will appear some of the stupid content of the week and because of auto-play function, there is a high possibility that these ones will play on your computer without your permission.

But have you ever wonder, which are the most annoying videos on YouTube? Our colleagues from Insider Monkey have suffered a lot because they were watching these videos in order to make a list of 10 Most Annoying YouTube Videos Ever. In the end, they did it. At the 10th place of this list is video called Most annoying song in the world. If you actually listen to this song you will recognize parts of James Blunt’s “You are beautiful” song. Also in the video appears smiley that changes its mood as the song progresses. If you want to see this video and find out other annoying videos from the list, just visit the link we provided above.