Which are the most barbaric countries in the world?


Which are the Most Barbaric Countries in the World? The Western democratic countries are used to a certain way of living and for the people living in them, it is hard to understand that there are countries that are on the quite different level of growth. In the countries like USA and the Western and center European countries, it is perfectly normal and cheered that women have the equal rights as men, that everybody deserves a decent life even the criminals in prison, that everybody choose who they want to marry, that they have the right to have a job, to be paid, that everybody has basic human rights etc. This is the result of development and effort that these countries invested for years and even centuries.

But there are some countries in the world that are not so developed and have stayed on the middle ages level of development. These barbarian countries are not those that you want to live in because there are terrible things happening in them. The common for these countries is the religious extremism, then wicked and terrible old traditions or just the entitlement some men have over the others. These cause horrifying things. For example, children, mostly girls at very young age, are forced to marry to, in most cases, a much older men, acceptance and enforcing the death penalty as a common sentence, stoning people as a punishment, mutilating women genitalia as a way of controlling and punishing them, torturing animals as the old traditions etc.

To realize that life is not pink and easy for everyone, you should learn a bit more about this topic and what countries are the most barbaric. You can do that at the Insider Monkey’s article 10 Most Barbaric Countries in the World. On the 10th place is Djibouti, Africa, as the third highest percentage country in the world where girls’ and women’s genitals are being mutilated. To check the rest of the list, click on the link above.


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